snake clash tips and tricks for beginners
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snake clash tips and tricks for beginners

Snake Clash by Supercent is an awesome arcade high-score game that brings a fresh and exciting twist to the classic Snake gameplay! It has already become super popular and drawn in a ton of players. The reasons behind the makers’ decision to rely on this gameplay are unclear to me.

Snake, released in the 1970s, is a nostalgic game still loved today. Its simple mechanics and cultural significance make it popular (like Pac-Man or Space Invaders).

a snake fighting game

a snake fighting game

The game doesn’t have a tutorial, but players will quickly understand how to play. You control the snake with your finger and try to collect yellow dots to make the snake larger. The level number shows how big the snake is.

If you find a smaller snake, you can eat it, but watch out not to get eaten. If that happens, the game ends and you need to start from the beginning.
In each level, you earn coins and diamonds and can unlock new skins. Use the coins to upgrade your snake, like increasing its speed or activating a magnet to collect yellow points faster.

snake clash tips

  • In each game, start by staying on the edge and eating yellow dots. This will make you bigger and stronger to compete with other snakes.
  • If you encounter a snake that is bigger than you, stop and turn around to find a smaller one.
  • Keep an eye out for boosters like magnets to move faster. The boss in the background won’t harm you in a normal fight.
  • Always check your strength, as you need to be stronger than 1200 to eat the giant snake in the early rounds.

Snake clash pros and cons


The game is addictive, especially when my snake eats the boss. It’s amazing! At first, it’s just a simple and fun way to pass the time.


Supercent uses too many ads in their game. Each level has a timer and after completing the level, players are asked if they want to watch an ad for more coins. Even if players choose not to watch the ad, an ad still pops up. This is very frustrating. It is also frustrating that players cannot change their in-game names, which reduces the importance of personal identity during battles.

My Experience

I found the game on the Play Store that reminded me of the classic Snake game on my old Nokia phone. I wanted to see how it was different, so I downloaded it and ended up playing for hours.
I did well in my first games and scored about 5500 points in the 4th game, making it to the top three players. However, the opponent’s snake in the boss fight was three times bigger than mine, so I was quickly eaten and lost.


Snake clash is fun and a good way to pass the time. It has some power-ups like the magnet, but they are rare. The first few levels are manageable, but there are too many ads, which can be frustrating.

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